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Standard Disability Access Certificate

What is a Disability Access Certificate?

 A Disability Access Certificate (DAC) is a certificate granted by a Building Control Authority which certifies compliance of the design with the requirements of Part M of the Building Regulations, if constructed in accordance with the granted Certificate. The application for a standard disability access certificate is usually made post planning permission award and prior to commencement of works.

Tubridy Engineering will compile and supply to the local authority the following to support you application:

  • Site location map

  • Layout plan

  • Floor plans

  • Elevations and sections

  • Compliance document (showing compliance with part M of the Building Regulations.)

and other particulars that are necessary to:

  • Identify and describe the building / works to which the application relates

  • Illustrate that the building / works will comply with the requirements of Part M of the first schedule to the building regulations.

Standard Disability Access Certificate: Service
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