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Snagging Inspection/Snag Lists

What is a Snag List?

Snagging inspections and associated reports are carried out on new homes, apartments, commercial and retail units prior to handover by the building contractor to prospective purchasers. The snagging inspection concentrates on identifying elements of the building work which are incomplete, non compliant with the Building Regulations or defective works which do not accord with the terms of the Contract. The snagging inspection will involve a visual inspection of all aspects of the building available for inspection or capable of being inspected at the time of the requested inspection. Typically the snagging inspection will encompass the roof, attic area, internal rooms and surfaces, external elevations, windows, doors, kitchen units, sanitary ware, gardens, boundaries, walls, pavements and overall compliance with the Building Regulations.

A follow up inspection may be required if the original work is of a poor standard or at the purchasers request.

Image by Jason Briscoe
Snagging Inspections/Snag Lists: Service
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