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Revised Fire Safety Certificates

What is a Revised Fire Safety Certificate?

An application for a revised FSC is made before grant of planning permission, if required by the subsequent grant of such planning permission, for the purpose of ensuring that the revised design arising from the grant of planning permission complies with part B of the Building Regulations, or

Where significant revision is made to the design or works of a building for which a FSC has already been granted but works have not yet commenced.

An application submitted for a revised FSC must be in accordance with the requirements of Article 20B (3) of the Regulations. 


Tubridy Engineering will compile and supply to the local authority the following to support you application:

  • Site location map

  • Layout plan

  • Floor plans

  • Elevations and sections

  • Compliance document (showing compliance with part B of the Building Regulations.)

and other particulars that are necessary to:

  • Identify and describe the building / works to which the application relates

  • Illustrate that the building / works will comply with the requirements of Part B (Sections 1-5) of the first schedule to the building regulations.

The extent to which plans and compliance document will be required to establish compliance with building regulations will vary in individual cases depending on the type, size and complexity of the building

Revised Fire Safety Certificate: Services
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