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Passive House Design

What is Passive House Design?

Passive house design is about using the principles of efficiency to meaningfully reduce energy needs for heating and cooling in a residence and can be applied to single family homes as well as large buildings. Achieving this is focused on using airtight construction, energy recovery systems, insulation, solar heat management systems and exceptional-quality windows. This is known as passive house design because they are constructed in a way that creates a comfortable living environment without relying extensively on heating and cooling systems that actively use energy.

Building a Passive House is the most efficient and cost-effective way of meeting the new nZEB (nearly zero energy) building standards.

Tubridy Engineering are certified by the Passive House Institute as approved Passive House Designers to assist your project whether it’s a new build, retrofit or as consultant support to your design or construction team.

Mark Tubridy / Designer / Passive House

Passive House Design: Service
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