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7-Day Notice

What is a 7-Day Notice?

Article 20A sets out the procedure for submission of a 7 day notice application to a building control authority where a person intends to commence work on the construction of a building before grant of the relevant fire safety certificate (FSC). This notice must be accompanied by a 7 day notice statutory declaration form which declares that the works will comply with the building regulations and that any modifications required by the Fire Safety Certificate will be completed within the specified time. The notice must be submitted not less than 7 days in advance of commencement of work and must be in accordance with the requirements of Article 20A(2) of the regulations.

Tubridy Engineering will liaise with your design team to compile and supply to the local authority the following to support you 7-Day Notice application:

  • Site location map

  • Layout plan

  • Floor plans

  • Elevations and sections

  • Compliance document (showing compliance with part B of the Building Regulations.)

and other particulars that are necessary to:

  • Identify and describe the building / works to which the application relates

  • Illustrate that the building / works will comply with the requirements of Part B (Sections 1-5) of the first schedule to the building regulations.

The extent to which plans and compliance document will be required to establish compliance with building regulations will vary in individual cases depending on the type, size and complexity of the building


7-Day Notice: Services
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